Ritualise your life.

A collection of products we love, hand-selected, to help you create the perfect self-care ritual.


My Rituals Body Wash

Awaken your body and your true self with this luxurious body wash.


My Rituals Pink Clay Mask

Press pause, unwind and soothe your body and your soul.


My Rituals Body Oil

Love your skin you are in. Exfoliate, detox and nourish your body.​


My Rituals Bath Milk

Gently melt away a stressful day with a MyRituals Milk Bath, the ancient secret for beautiful skin.

Rituals are unique to each of us.

Rituals fuel the soul and bring peace to the mind.

What are rituals?

Living with intention

Rituals give our lives a sense of meaning. These tools are a habitual set of actions that are interlaced with deep and personally significant meaning, providing clearer intention and purpose. These acts may be a movement, a feeling, a visualisation or a focus. By creating and performing personally expressive daily rituals for ourselves, we can take responsibility for the direction and purpose of our lives.

MyRituals is here to teach and inspire you to embrace rituals in your every day. 

My Rituals Awaken Journal
MyRituals - Start with purpose
Why embrace rituals?

The surprising power of daily rituals

Rituals are tools that give us the ability to set a clear intention and ensure meaningful progress towards that goal. We perform these actions to seize and shape our lives – consciously, deliberately, and joyfully. When practised consistently, rituals can have an immensely beneficial impact on all aspects of your life. By moving from the normal flow of everyday life and into a sacred space, we increase our energy, build strength to overcome challenges and afford ourselves with a relaxing escape from our worries.

“If you want your day to be organised develop a routine. If you want your day to be meaningful create rituals.”

- Anonymous

Our Products

MyRituals for everyday life

A collection of products we love, hand-selected, to help you create a self-care practice. We take you through the entire experience of owning it, using it, and making it part of your daily rituals.                                               

MyRituals everyday Wellness
Our Community

MyRituals Tribe

A program dedicated to helping you cultivate a deeper level of inner balance and harmony for everyday wellness.

What’s included?

  • How to ritualise YOUR life
  • Life-changing mindset lessons
  • Morning yoga routines
  • Access to the MyRituals community
  • Support from me and my experts

Ritualise your life

MyRituals Journal

The MyRituals Journal explores, challenges and deepens our understanding of rituals. This space will guide you along your journey by providing actionable strategies, presenting new research and stimulating personal contemplation.
Through critical thinking, conscious self-reflection and considered actions, we can transform our habits into rituals, and create a meaningful and sacred way of life.

Kate Stoten MyRituals

Taking comfort in MyRituals

Hi, I’m Kate, founder of MyRituals. My rituals have grounded me, given me a sense of connection and calm when my world was anything but calm.

At MyRituals we are here to support and guide you through your journey.

Kate Stoten Yoga Instructor MyRituals
MyRituals - Ritualise your Life

Ritualise your life.

The power of daily rituals.

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