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MyRituals was born from the experiences and learnings of Kate and Shane

Daily rituals began as a coping mechanism for Kate, who faced significant challenges and used her ritualistic practices to find morsels of light during a disrupted and uncomfortable time. These were initially conscious moments to pause, but soon became sacred opportunities to celebrate her growth. As a special operations veteran, Shane’s rituals enabled him to find clarity and remain focused in his confronting environment. These acts were integral to his resilience and strength throughout his two-decade career and eventually supported his decision to transition into civilian life.

Kate and Shane

Kate and Shane connected four-years ago after discovering their shared passion for living a meaningful and purpose-driven life. The pair found their differing rituals complemented each other, and they soon developed a new way of life that ensured deliberate progress towards a mutual vision. Developing new rituals in their partnership taught Shane to disengage from his former practices and combat the mental and physical challenges of his next chapter. Kate also found clarity as she transitioned into this new stage, and also uncovered different ways to find peace in everyday life. Shane and Kate established MyRituals to share their learnings and provide the tools for others to live a conscious, deliberate and joyful life.

Kate and Shane
MyRituals Kate Stoten
Kate Stoten MyRituals
Ritualising your routine is life changing.

How My Rituals can help you ritualise your life

MyRituals Journal


The MyRituals Journal explores, challenges and deepens our understanding of daily rituals. We provide actionable strategies, present new research and stimulate personal contemplation to help you on your journey towards ritualising your daily life.


Our online shop provides a collection of products we love, hand-selected, to help you create a self care practice and turn the humble routine into a thoughtful and sacred ritual.

MyRituals Shop
MyRituals Tribe


Our connections are often dictated by chance based on the locale where we live and work. By joining the MyRituals Tribe you can connect to like-minded people from around the globe. Our community is a safe place where we can share, learn & grow together. We have developed a program dedicated to helping you cultivate a deeper level of inner balance and harmony for everyday wellness.


The MyRituals Podcast aims to help listeners cultivate a deeper understanding of rituals and help them build a foundation for a higher level of well being.

MyRituals Podcast

Rituals are the heartbeat of a soulful life.

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