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Awaken your true self

To truly live a life of meaning and purpose, one must look within and connect with themselves. This collection of products with help you to start each day with a clarity and greater self-awareness by carving out time for a self-care routine.


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Rituals for Clarity

Guiding you on a journey to find peace and focus needed to realize your purpose and prepare for growth.


Tools for living a ritualised and purposeful life.


Find clarity and navigate stress by checking in on yourself with your Rituals for Clarity.

Clear space in front of your bathroom mirror and gently massage a generous amount of My Rituals Renew Shaving Gel across your shaving area. Before you allow the razor to make contact with your skin take a moment to indulge in the richness of the oak-moss extract, aloe vera, white tea leaf extract, eucalyptus extracts and other botanicals sourced from Australian Outback.

Focus on your breathing as your razor glides through the gel, visualising your concerns, anxieties and fears shift with every stroke. The clean slate left behind signifies the prospect of renewal and new beginnings.

After thoroughly rinsing your face with cool water, it's time to prepare for the day ahead. While styling your hair with the My Rituals Prepare Pomade, set your daily intention and visualize the journey towards your goals - for today and the future.

Protect and honor the newfound connection from your Rituals for Clarity practice by writing in your My Rituals journal. This is an opportunity for you to explore your thoughts, articulate your feeling and reflect on your future intentions. Clarity only comes when we are truly in the present moment, so trust in the process and allow your mind to guide you through the experience of putting pen to paper.

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