MyRituals for Clarity

Awaken your true self

To truly live a life of meaning and purpose, one must look within and connect with themselves. This collection of products with help you to start each day with a clarity and greater self-awareness by carving out time for a self-care routine.


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Rituals for Clarity

Guiding you on a journey to find peace and focus needed to realize your purpose and prepare for growth.


Tools for living a ritualised and purposeful life.


Start your practice by lighting your My Rituals Renew Candle in a quiet space where you can focus your gaze on the flicking flame. Use the candles' light yet crisp notes of orange peel ground yourself in the moment, while letting the hint of Jasmine and vanilla rejuvenate your mind.

Apply your My Rituals Renew Roll-on oil blend to your wrists, temples and soles of your feet. As your skin touches the roller, feel your thoughts dissolve into the blend of 100% essential oils - with hints of lemon to clear the mind, notes of frankincense to promote clarity, and undertones of peppermint to refresh your focus. Combined with the energy boost from grapefruit and emotional balancing of bergamot, your mind will discover the harmony to openly embrace your journaling practice.

Now open to a blank page of your My Rituals journal and pour out your thoughts, worries, hopes and learnings. Ask yourself: What am I grateful for? What are my dreams? Where am I seeking clarity? You might start with a single sentence, or you may be overwhelmed with words - trust in yourself and let your mind guide you through the experience of discovering clarity through reflection.

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