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Calm the body, calm the mind

To truly live a life of meaning and purpose, one must look within and connect with themselves. This collection of products with help you to start each day with a renewed prospect of intention and greater self-awareness by carving out time for a self-care routine.


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Rituals for Connection

Creating space for inner peace as you reflect on your day or find tranquility in the moment.


Tools for living a ritualised and purposeful life.


Discover inner peace as you reflect on your day or find tranquility in a moment of overwhelm with this beautiful evening ritual.

Start your practice by running a warm bath with a generous amount of My Rituals Bath Milk. The aromatherapeutic blend of essential oils and soothing scents in the bath milk is an ancient secret for nourished and glowing skin.

Before stepping into the bath, acknowledge any worries, concerns or anxieties present in your mind. Now that you are floating in the water, take deep breaths in and imagine the weight of your thoughts drifting away. Allow yourself at least 10 minutes of soaking to discover the inner peace found in Ylang Ylang and the strength to overcome sadness that comes from Patchouli.

After towel drying your body, protect your wrists with your My Rituals Calm Roll-on Blend - the perfect companion for rest and peace. When inhaled, the scent molecules of these essential oils will travel through your body to trigger an emotionally calming response from your brain.

Next take your Lavender Floral Spray , close your eyes and inhale deeply before spraying the mist across your face and neck. As you exhale visualise the release of your tension noticing the refreshing aroma and indulge in the sensation of replenishing your skin.

Complete your Rituals for Peace experience by allowing yourself a moment to rest. Find a quiet place to lie down and place your My Rituals Lavender Eye Bag across your face. Away from distractions, this is your opportunity to further quiet your thoughts and find peace in your mind. Peace comes when we stay completely in the present moment.

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