MyRituals for Stillness

Give yourself permission to relax

‘When you lose touch with stillness, you lose touch with yourself.’ Eckhart Tolle This collection of products with help you to carve out some time for stillness, some time for just you, to connect to your breath and ultimately you.


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Rituals for Stillness

Teaching you how to find stillness and allowing yourself just to be.


Tools for living a ritualised and purposeful life.


Start your practice by running a warm bath with a generous scoop of your My Rituals Bathing Soak Salts. Take a moment to breathe in the relaxing blend of carefully curated scents of lavender, geranium and ylang yang. Inhale deeply and exhale the stress of the day with each breath.

Before immersing yourself in the bath, mix a small amount of the My Rituals Pink Clay Face Mask in the My Rituals brush and bowl set to form a paste, and then adorn your face in a generous layer.

While floating in the bath, embrace the stillness of your surroundings and relish in the feeling of nourishing your body with tender love and care. Allow yourself at least 10 minutes of quiet soaking before rinsing off your mask with warm clean water or a facecloth, and towel drying your body.

Complete your Rituals to Stillness experience with your My Rituals Botanical Toning Mist. The jacaranda flower refreshes and hydrates the skin, while the light floral scent of rose and jasmine give a renewed radiance. Take a beautiful conscious inhale and as you exhale, acknowledge the acceptance of your being and need to find these moments of stillness.

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