Ritual #1 Power of the Breath
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Ritual #1 Power of the Breath

Sometimes we take the Breath for granted. Unless, that is you have a bad cold or cant breathe easily for one reason or another. Then all of a sudden, the breath may become the only thing in the world you are interested in. Often at the beginning of my yoga class I will say notice the breath and maybe this is the first time we have actually slowed down enough to notice the breath. This amazing life force, without we wouldn’t be here. The breath has been my biggest tool in settling my anxiety, bringing me right here into the PRESENT.


Take time everyday to notice the breath. Just the inhale and the exhale. Perhaps on the exhale let the breath out through your mouth and notice where you are holding on.

Shane is a big believer in the breath and has managed extreme stress disorder in recent times through his breathing and cold therapy rituals has been able to develop is own practices which calm and compose.

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