Daily Rituals

What are rituals?

Everyone has a variety of habits and routines that shape their daily life.

How do we Distinguish Ritual from Routine?

Most habits develop without us even realising. What starts as a small action one day, can eventually become so ingrained in our everyday life that it is carried out with no thought or consideration. But, when we mindfully choose our habits and consciously repeat them to serve a specific goal, they become rituals. Rituals differ from routine as we carry these actions out with purpose and awareness, creating meaning and fostering our continued growth.

Types of Daily Rituals

As a daily ritual is a symbolic commitment to ourselves, these acts are an evolving reflection of our intention, lifestyle and vision. This highly personal nature means rituals differ between individuals. Your ritual may be to listen to the sound of your morning coffee brewing, before sipping your drink in the early sun. You may set your daily intention by visualising the journey towards your goals - for the day and for the future. To disengage from work after hours, you might set aside time to go for a walk while self-reflecting on your accomplishments for the day.

Movement - our body is our foundation
When Life gives you lemons boil the kettle
Rituals restore and create a sense of purpose for an individual, which is why it is essential to find small acts that mould around your lifestyle.
Journaling - Promise of a blank page
Daily Rituals
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